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Breastmilk Charm Bead (Breastfed with Love Core)


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Honour your breastfeeding journey with a beautiful resin charm bead with a Sterling Silver Breastfed with Love core! These versatile beads can be put onto necklaces, onto charm bracelets or kept somewhere safe!

Once you purchase your bead, we will send you a pack for you to return your milk. This may take a few days to arrive. Please then send your milk back – following the instructions in the pack.

Your milk can be frozen or freshly expressed. Ideally, we would like 2  breastmilk storage bags with 5ml (10ml all together). If you have less than this and can’t express more please email us and we will see what we can do!

On receipt of your milk, the magic will commence and we estimate that it will take 2-4 weeks for your bead to be ready.

Please note this listing is for a bead ONLY – there will be no bracelet/necklace alongside.

Please note, each piece is handmade to order with your breastmilk and the colour of natural breastmilk can vary greatly. Therefore, not every item of breastmilk jewellery will look the same and there will some colour variation.

If you have any questions about the style or making of your jewellery don’t hesitate to email

Any piece of our jewellery can also be made with ashes. Please contact us to discuss.

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