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Families and Babies is a registered charity, which means all the money we make, goes back into running the building and delivering our activities.


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Mums’ Feedback

A few words from the mums we have supported:

Massive thank you to FAB I spent an hour on the phone on bank Holiday night to a lovely lady who reassured me and tonight have spoken to another lovely lady. These ladies are patient, calm, knowledgeable and I honestly pick up the phone to ring FAB rather than the doctors every time. An amazing charity. 24/7 is just fantastic.. highly reccommend and would refer everyone I know. thank you for all your support words cannot express how grateful I am 🙂


I have just recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy. I feel so supported by F.A.B they have helped me tremendously. It can feel a very low time when first starting the breastfeeding journey and many times I have felt like a failure and didnt feel my boy was getting what he needed from me. Having the support from F.A.B I have learnt so much and also they have made the personal effort to call and check in see how we are. It's also having that person who knows how your feeling and can just give you that motivation you need to persevere if you feel you cant do it. It also having the knowledge from someone who knows themselves the hard work that it takes to get the best results for your baby. F.A.B is an amazing charity Thank you so much it mean so much the work you all do xxxxx


Amazing!! Couldn’t recommend the FAB girls & service they provide enough!! Thank you so much especially to Becky & Gayle who visited me at home recently and gave me so much reassurance and confidence about breastfeeding - as a first time mum I have found it difficult to begin with and worried that I wasn’t doing it right but the girls gave me so many good tips to take forward and I feel a lot better now. Prior to the home visit I have spoken to Lisa & Becky on the 24 hour hotline and I have found that so useful and supportive. Thank you FAB!!!!


Thanks to FAB we have made it to 3 months on what has been a challenging breastfeeding journey overcoming weight loss, tongue tie and CMPA. From meeting Cheryl on the ward, Bracken visiting us at home, attending Stephs group, Millie making us so welcome when using the feeding space and each and every peer supporter on the helpline - each one of you have kept us going. A genuinely amazing team. Thank you for getting us this far and to a point where things are looking up.

Beck and Bertie

To the FAB Team Thank you so much for all the help and support you’ve given us since the birth of our baby girl Anna. We were determined to breastfeed but we struggled so much in those early days and found it really upsetting. Toni, Claire and Emma visited us every day in hospital and they were so warm, encouraging and non-judgemental. They listened to our worries and were so supportive. Not long after we got home we had an ‘emergency’ visit from Claire. She gave us a wonderful piece of advice and voila, we cracked breastfeeding and haven’t looked back since! We received weekly calls and texts from Claire and Amanda which have been a comfort. Anna is gaining weight beautifully and is a happy and smiley baby – and you’ve made her parents very happy too! Thank you again; we don’t know what we would have done without you.

Merith and Anthony – proud parents to Anna born 4th July

Would you please pass on our huge thanks to Tonie for the brilliant session she delivered yesterday to the Year 10 students.  She pitched it so well with student involvement and lots of visual aids, really made sense to the students. Tonie is a real natural and what a fab service it offers to expectant mum’s/parents, she is so enthusiastic about the issues involved

I would like to say thank you for all the support Sally and other members of staff gave me. I feel that breast feeding in the first few weeks really helped my bond with my baby and even though, I am not breastfeeding I am still doing skin to skin to keep that closeness. Once again thank you very much for all your support. Every time I phoned, if Sally was not there someone else helped me. They came to my home when I was suffering in pain to look at attachment and I really feel I wouldn’t have got as far as I did without them.

We just wanted to say how brilliant the FAB team is. The support we have received from Amanda has been amazing and we probably wouldn’t have coped without her. We had some bad nights and our baby Elsie had been struggling to latch on. We called for help at 9am on Tuesday morning and Amanda was here within the hour!

You really are such a vital service as the midwives have such a busy schedule and couldn’t have spent half as long (and have the patience) to help us with succeeding with breastfeeding.

We understand that your funding arrangements are constantly under review and we would gladly write letters of support/fill out surveys to whoever it’s needed to ensure your service continuity. And of course it goes without saying we’ve made a donation already. You really are the 4th emergency service – there’d be no-one else to help new mums and dads.

I felt that the level of support available to new mums was excellent and delivered to exceptional levels by Amanda.  When you are expecting you receive so many leaflets and are overloaded with information but finding the time to sit and wade through it all is sometimes a Unachievable task especially when you are faced with a new role like motherhood.

Having Amanda visit my home and explain things face to face, really helped me I learnt so much from her, I feel she went above and beyond with the level of care and teaching she delivered even spending time on her day off researching my specific needs.

I’d like to congratulate your team especially Amanda and hope that this valuable service continues for all future mums.

They are right when they say babies don’t come with a manual.. It’s even better, if your lucky they come with an Amanda which is FAB!!!

This £10 donation is to say a huge thank you to Maria at your Essex branch. I would be grateful if this donation could fund the Essex office. After having birthing complications, I struggled to breastfeed my little girl. I was given very little feeding help in hospital, so I called FAB. Maria answered the phone and has so much valuable information to give me. I was so emotionally low with the ‘baby blues’, and was close to giving up with breastfeeding. Maria’s encouragement really lifted my spirits and I kept going. She visited us that same day and I really appreciated that! It gave me the lift I needed to persevere. Unfortunately, my baby was admitted to hospital a week later for low birth weight and the midwives & nurses advised me to express & top up with formula so she would gain weight. This seemed to work for a while, and she was putting on weight. I started to lose milk after a few weeks with solely expressing milk. I contacted Maria again and she was happy to visit me to try to get the baby to feed directly. We tried all positions but the pain was so bad that it was discovered that I am ‘over sensitive’. I still express, but more frequently, to keep up my milk supply. Even though I don’t feed directly, I would have given up a long time ago and my baby wouldn’t have benefited from my milk. So I just want to express my sincere gratitude for Maria’s support and valuable advice. Without it I would have given up. Your work is valuable and for that I thank you.

Kelly (and baby Phoebe)

I would just like to express my thanks to Cathy (who supported me just after my son was born) and Karen (at Bosom Buddies) who has supported me for the last for months while attending the group.  Both ladies have been extremely supportive and have always patiently listened to my queries (of which were numerous being a first time mum), providing me with good advice.  I have now gone back to work and am confidently managing to breast feed and express for my son who is now 5 months old.  I say confidently because without their support I’m not sure that I would have had the confidence to feed in public places or have obtained the knowledge to be able to manage expressing in the workplace.  The work of the FAB is invaluable and a massive support for mum’s! Many thanks again and good luck for the future.

Jo Rowe & Riley

Hello! I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for all the help and support I have had from FAB over the past 11 months both at my home, on the phone and especially at the Sure Start Children’s Centre in Gawthorpe, Ossett.  I am happy to say with your help I breastfed my son Thomas for 6 and a half months, he is now weaning successfully and has had no colds so far which I put down to the breastfeeding.

I do hope FAB carry on providing breastfeeding support in the area as I have unfortunately found too many people (midwives included) only too quick to try and get mothers feeding their babies from the bottle.  I had experience with one who said it would confuse a baby if it is given bottle and breast and you must choose, well for me this was absolute rubbish, Thomas had to have top up milk from birth as my milk didn’t come through until day 4, and he wouldn’t latch on to my breast at all, however with perseverance and a little help from a nipple shield he eventually latched on and fed from my breast successfully.  I hope other mothers would be encouraged by my story so feel free to print it or use it on your website.

Once again many thanks.

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