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Breastfeeding Friendly Places in Dorset

The Mary Shelley The Quadrant Centre BH1 2AD
Naked Coffee 4 Christchurch Road BH1 3LT
Squirrel Café and Mini Golf Boscombe Chine Gardens BH1 4AA
Bosconova Café 650 Christchurch Road BH1 4BP
Costa Coffee Sovereign Centre BH1 4SX
Active Dorset Slades Park Pavillion BH10 4HG
Costa Coffee 1577-1581 Wimborne Road BH10 7BB
Pelhams Park Leisure Centre Manor Farm Road BH10 7LF
Kinson Children’s Centre Moore Avenue BH11 8AU
Giggles Play Centre 25c Elliott Road BH11 8LQ
Bearwood Outreach C.C Baron’s Road BH11 9UN
Aruba Restaurant Pier Approach BH2 5AA
Oceanarium Pier Approach BH2 5AA
Rock Reef Pier Approach BH2 5AA
The Moon in the Square 4-8 Exeter Road BH2 5AQ
Westbourne Children’s Centre 2 West Hill Road BH2 5PG
Flirt Café 21 The Triangle BH2 5RG
All Fired Up 35-37 Bourne Avenue BH2 6DT
Stokewood Children’s Centre Stokewood Road BH3 7ND
Costa Coffee 73 Seamoor Road BH4 9AE
Circo Lounge 66 Poole Road BH4 9DZ
Urban Reef Undercliff Drive BH5 1BN
AECC Parkwood Road BH5 2DF
Tuckton Tea Gardens Belle Vue Road BH6 3BA
Mocha Turtle 184 Tuckton Road BH6 3LA
Costa Coffee 40 Southbourne Grove BH6 3RA
Pokesdown Children’s Centre Somerset Road BH7 6JJ
Littledown Centre Chaseside BH7 7DX
Starbucks Vlg Leisure Ctre Deansleigh Road BH7 7DZ
The Christopher Creek 2 Holdenhurst Road BH8 8AD
Woodpecker Café Queens Park West Drivee BH8 9BY
Queens Park Children’s Ctre East Way BH8 9PU
Sir David English East Way BH8 9PZ
Role Play World 280 Charminster Road BH8 9RT
Sainsburys Café Castlepoint Shopping Centre BH8 9UW
Townsend Children’s Centre Jewell Road BH8 0LT
The Globe Café 541 Wimborne Road BH9 2AP
Tastes Buds 410 Wimborne Road BH9 2HB
Bournemouth Libraries (12)   Various
Urban Beach 23 Argyll Road BH5 1EB
Urban Gardens Exeter Crescent BH2 5AY
Pavillion Dance South West Westover Road BH1 2BU
Branksome Outreach Centre 350 Poole Road BH12 1AW
John Lewis Commerce Centre BH12 1DN 
Beautique Sea View Road BH12 3LP
Sainsburys Café Alder Park BH12 4BA
Rossmore Children’s Centre Herbert Avenue BH12 4HR
Rossmore Leisure Centre Herbert Avenue BH12 4HR
Tesco Extra Giraffe Café Mannings Heath BH12 4NX
Compton Acres 164 Canford Cliffs Road BH13 7ES 
Ted Webster Children’s Centre 519a Ashley Road BH14 0BD
Patricks 1 Bournemouth Road BH14 0EG 
Camden 6 Bournemouth Road BH14 0ES
The Bakehouse 256 Sandbanks Road BH14 8HA
Dancing Moose 28-30 Station Road BH14 8UB 
Blue Orange Juice Bar  39 Church Road BH14 8UF
PMB on the Green 33 Church Road BH14 8UF 
Penn Hill Penn Hill Avenue BH14 9NB 
Neptunes Poole Quay BH15 1HJ
Wetherspoons,  Poole Quay BH15 1HJ
Old Town Children’s Centre Green road BH15 1QB
Children, Young People & Learning Dolphin Centre BH15 1SA
Clippers Restaurant Dolphin Centre BH15 1SS
The Dolphin Centre Dolphin Centre BH15 1SZ
More Buses 2-8 Parkstone Road BH15 2PR
The Ark Poole Park BH15 2SF 
Stanley Green Outreach CC Stanley Green Road BH15 3AA
Rockley Park Napier Road BH15 4LX
Hamworthy and Turlin Moor Ctre Turlin Road BH16 5AH
Costa Coffee 1 Dorchester Road BH16 5NJ
Farmer Palmers Wareham Road BH16 6EU
Parkdean Holiday Park Sandford Poole BH16 6JZ
Hillbourne Outreach CC Kitchener Crescent BH17 7HX
Canford Heath Outreach Centre Culliford Crescent BH17 9DW
Broadstone Leisure Centre Station Approach BH18 8AX
Mollys Café 189A/B Lower Blandford Road BH18 8DH
Costa Coffee 218-220 Lower Blandford Road BH18 8DX
Poole Libraries   Various
Grounded Coffee  12 Kingland Crescent BH15 1TB
Hux Customs 30 Kingland Crescent BH15 1SZ
Naked Coffee Dolphin Centre BH15 1SQ
Branksome Community Centre Recreation Road BH12 2EA
Swanage Tourist Information  Shore Road, Swange BH19 1LB
The Salt Pig Too Station Road, Swanage BH19 1AB 
Beavers Café Institute Road, Swanage BH19 1BX 
Swanage Children’s Centre Chapel Lane, Swanage BH19 2PW
Putlake Farm Langton Matravers, Swanage BH19 3EU
Red Lion Hotel North Street  North Street, Wareham BH20 4AB 
The Salt Pig North Street, Wareham BH20 4AF
Not Just Sundaes South Street, Wareham BH20 4LU
Wareham Children’s Centre Streche Road, Wareham BH20 4PG
Purbeck Leisure Centre Worgret Road, Wareham BH20 4PH
Monkey World Longthorns, Wareham BH20 6HH
The Kings Arms 3 Corfe Road, Stoborough BH20 5AB
The Quayside Barn 3 The Quay, Wareham BH20 4LP
Sandford St Martins Community Centre Sandford BH20 7BN
Dorset Libraries (25)   Various 
East Dorset    
Allendale Centre Hanham Road, Wimborne BH21 1AS
Village Green Café Hanham Road, Wimborne BH21 1AS
The Thirsty Bird 3 East Street, Wimborne BH21 1DS
The Green man 1 Victoria Road, Wimborne BH21 1EN
Café on the Square The Square, Wimborne BH21 1JD
Costa Coffee Crown Court, Wimborne BH21 1LP
No.9 Wimborne West Borough, Wimborne BH21 1LT
Wetherspoons West Borough, Wimborne BH21 1NF
Wimborne Children’s Centre Gordon Road, Wimborne BH21 2AP
Merley Court Holiday Park Merley House Lane BH21 3AA
Corfe Coffee Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen BH21 3LA
BH Live Active Corfe Mullen Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen BH21 3LE
Honeybrook Farm Lower Honeybrook Farm BH21 4JD 
West Moors Children’s Centre West Moors Middle School BH22 0DA
Smugglers Haunt Ringwood Road, Ferndown BH22 9BB
Costa Coffee 77-79 Victoria Road, Ferndown BH22 9HU
Avon Heath Café Brocks Pine, Ringwood BH24 2DH 
Avon Heath Park Brocks Pine, Ringwood BH24 2DH 
Moors Valley Country Park Horton Road, Ashley Heath BH24 2ET
Costa Coffee 1-2 The Old Pottery, Verwood BH31 6HF
Dorset Libraries (25)   Various 
Christchurch West CC 27 High Street BH23 1AJ
Baggies 43 High Street BH23 1AS
Aracdo Lounge 71 High Street BH23 1AS 
Coast Coffee 74 High Street BH23 1BN
Pure Cuisine 58 High Street BH23 1BN
The Boathouse Quay Road BH23 1BU
Cheese and Alfies 10 Church Street BH23 1BW 
Costa Coffee 28-29 Saxon Square BH23 1QB
The Coffee Pot 20A Bargates BH23 1QL
Somerford Children’s Centre Draper Road BH23 3AS
Mum’s Café 4 St Catherines Parade BH23 4LQ
Adventure Wonderland Merritown Lane, Hurn BH23 6BA
Dorset Libraries (25)   Various 
South/West Dorset    
Baby Birds 3  South Street, Dorchester DT1 1DE
Vivo Loungers 21 Weymouth Avenue, Dorch DT1 1QR 
Muchkins Play Café, Dorchester 33 Trinity Street, Dorchester DT1 1TT 
Dorchester Sports Centre Coburg Road, Dorchester DT1 2HR
Dorchester Children’s Centre  Middle Farm Way, Poundbury DT1 3WA
Café on the Green  7 Dinham Walk, Poundbury DT1 3WU
Acorn Inn 28 Fore Street, Evershot DT2 0JW
Parkdean Holiday Park Warmwell 130 Warmwell Road,Warmwell DT2 8JE
Broadmayne Children’s Centre Knighton Lane, Broadmayne DT2 8PH
Macdonalds Bridport Road, Dorchester DT2 9DL 
Abbotsbury Swannery New Barn Road, Abbotsbury DT3 4JG
Cupcake Play Café 20A Gloucester St, Weymouth DT4 7AW
Blooming Kids Commercial Road, Weymouth DT4 7DW
The Palm House Radipole Park Dr, Weymouth DT4 7TZ
Flamingo Room  Maiden Street, Weymouth DT4 8BA
Loungers St Thomas Street, Weymouth DT4 8EL
Debenhams 10 New Bond St, Weymouth DT4 8LY 
The Boat Café The Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 9QR 
Baby Birds 14a Albany Road, Weymouth DT4 9TH
Weymouth Football Stadium Radipole Lane, Weymouth DT4 9XJ
Portland Outlooks CC Castle Road, Portland DT5 1AU
Osprey Leisure Centre Castletown, Portland DT5 1BD
Whitestones Café Gallery 13 Easton Street, Portland DT5 1BS 
Blondz St Pauls Road, Portland DT5 1JX 
Aroma 31 East Street, Bridport DT6 3JX
Simon Dunn Chocolatier  South Street, Bridport DT6 3JX 
BearKat Bistro 9 Barrack Street, Bridport DT6 3LX
The Green Yard Café 4-6 Barrack Street, Bridport DT6 3LY
Soul Shine Café 76 South Street, Bridport DT6 3NN
Bridport Arts Centre 9 South Street, Bridport DT6 3NR
Café Bean 41 South Street, Bridport DT6 3NY 
Jacksons Deli 14 West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP
The Ropemakers 36 West Street, Bridport DT6 3QP
Olive Tree East Street, Bridport DT6 3QR 
Punch and Judy  East Street, Bridport DT6 3QR 
Costa Coffee 35 West Street, Bridport DT6 3QW
The Red Brick Café St Michaels Trading Es,Bridport DT6 3RR
Parkdean Holiday Park Westbay West Bay, Bridport DT6 4HB
The Hive Beach Company Beach Road, Burton Bradstock DT6 4PX
Bridport Children’s Centre Skilling Hill Road, Bridport DT6 5LA
Bridport Leisure Centre Skilling Hill Road, Bridport DT6 5LN
Beaminster Sports Centre Tunnel Road, Beaminster DT8 3EP
Dorset Libraries (25)   Various 
Mercato Italiano Dreadnought Trading Estate, unit 3b, Bridport  DT6 5BU
Cilla and Camilla Cafe 22 The Square, Beaminster  DT8 3AS
Rise cafe Westbay West Bay DT6 4EZ
North Dorset    
Olivers 19 Cheap Street, Sherborne DT9 3PU 
Cool Play Area Spiders Farm, Sturminste DT10 2AB
Costa Coffee 7 Salisbury Street, Blandford DT11 7AU
Ragtags 29 West Street, Blandford DT11 7AW 
Blandford Leisure Centre Milldown Road, Blandford DT11 7DB
Forum Café 34 Salisbury Street, Blandford DT11 7RG 
Blandford Children’s Centre  Black Lane, Blandford Forum DT11 8SW
Costa Coffee 21 High Street, Shaftesbury SP7 8JE
Shaftesbury Children’s Centre Wincombe Lane, Shaftsebury SP7 8PZ
Gillingham Children’s Centre Hardings Lane, Gillingham SP8 4HX
Gillingham Leisure Centre Hardings Lane, Gillingham SP8 4HX
Costa Coffee 2 High Street, Gillingham SP8 4QT
Dorset Libraries (25)   Various 
The Boston Tea Party The Furlong, Ringwood BH24 1AT
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