Helpline: 01254 772929 (9.30am - 2.30pm, 7 days a week, voicemail facility available outside of these hours).

Lancashire County Council has commissioned Families and Babies to offer breastfeeding support to women across the LCC footprint commencing on the 1st April 2018 initially for three years. We are pleased to be providing this service for Breastfeeding Promotion and Peer Support in Lancashire.

FAB has provided a breastfeeding peer support service within Central Lancashire for over ten years working within Lancashire Teaching Hospital and Ormskirk District General Hospital and across the community. We have established a valued service with mothers; their families and partner health professionals in central Lancashire and we hope to replicate this with our expansion across the rest of the area

A member of our team contacts all breastfeeding mothers referred to us soon after they come home from hospital and together you will decide what support you want from us.

Every mother’s experiences are different and some need more support than others, we can visit you at home or usually offer telephone support as a minimum to check how you and your baby are doing.

Our support is in addition to the care and support you will receive from your midwife and health visitors, but we are all working together to ensure you get the right amount of support for you and your baby.

Useful links;

Breastfeeding Peer Support in Lancashire

* * Due to the COVID19 pandemic all our face to face contact is priority only, with a strict screening policy.

Our groups remain as virtual sessions, please see below for our current service offer. * *

We have put together a timetable of the current digital group support options below and we hope that we have made these accessible to all.

Digital Support Timetable 


Zoom Group


11am-12pm with Amanda from 16/11/2020


11am-12pm with Emma from 25/11/2020


11am-12pm with Toni from 20/11/2020


 Our infant feeding helpline remains the primary contact point for all communications and is available daily 9.30am-2.30pm 01254 772929 (voicemail available outside of these hours, picked up the next working day).

You can also email us on for general enquiries or for NHS referrals into peer support. 


Antenatal Digital Support


Zoom Group

Facebook Room






1pm – 2pm Antenatal Workshop

This is a two part workshop that occurs each month, please join our antenatal group below or email our admin team, as below, for further details, dates and Zoom code;


2pm Bump Babble Room on

It would help us to get to know the group attendees if you could use your first name as your screen name, but please don't include any personal information (for example, mobile number or email) in your public profile.

If, after any chat, you feel you would like further one-to-one support please message the host or call the FAB helpline on 01254 772929, we will arrange for a peer supporter to contact you.

Please continue to encourage all mums to call us and register, whether that is antenatally or postnatally.  Mums do not need to be registered with us for any of the video support groups listed but it enables us to support them longer term and in a much more personalised way, including one to one video calls, phone calls, text and emails – call us on 01254 772929 or email us or we also take referrals from any of our partner services with mums consent.

The following groups will re-open once the COVID19 pandemic settles;

Please see below links for all the breastfeeding friendly places in Lancashire - 

If you are a Lancashire business and would like to be included within our breastfeeding friendly places list then please sign up through our Survey Monkey link here: